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This is a transcript for dialogue with Megaton settlers.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You looking to trade, stranger? Check out Craterside Supply. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 If you need to buy something, Moira up in Craterside Supply can help you. Watch out though, she's... different. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Whatever you want, I don't have it. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Leave me alone! Someone might see us! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't let the people around here fool you with their hippie crap. They've got water they won't share with anyone. Nice, huh? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 What? Why are you being so friendly? Go away! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 ...can't even afford some damn squirrel stew... {Mumbling.} 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Look, I don't want to be rude, but I don't trust strangers. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 [grumbles]... should've stayed in Rivet City... traveled through the Wasteland for this place... 9
GREETING Neutral 50 I hope they let me buy a house here some day. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 *whistles*... dammit! You made me mess up the song! {The player interrupts the NPC whistling a tune.} 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Where did you come from? ...not like it matters. 12
GREETING Neutral 50 I don't want any trouble. 13
GREETING Neutral 50 What? No! Go away! {Startled and scared.} 14
GREETING Neutral 50 Take it up with someone else. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 I came to this place looking for water, but they're only selling to residents. 16
GREETING Neutral 50 [coughs] ... sorry... not now. 17
GREETING Neutral 50 Sorry, I'm a little busy right now. Maybe we can talk later, okay? 18
GREETING Neutral 50 The people here get really paranoid when they see outsiders chatting to each other. Keep that in mind. 19
GREETING Neutral 50 Sorry, can't talk now. 20
GREETING Neutral 50 We've got nothing to say to each other. 21
GREETING Anger 50 Have you heard about that new cult? They took our water! Here, read this. It's one of their pamphlets. {annoyed} 22
GREETING Neutral 50 You may want to clear out of Megaton if you can. Lots of folks in town are sick, and nobody knows what's causing it. 23
InfoRefusal Neutral 50 Do I look like I care? 24
MegTownRumors What's the word around town? Neutral 50 I couldn't tell you, really. I'd talk to Manya if you care that much. She's lived in Megaton longer than anyone. 25
What's the word around town? Neutral 50 It used to be that you could ask Manya just about anything. Now that she's gone, I don't know what to tell you... 26

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah. 27
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Later. 28
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 29
See you later. Neutral 50 Bye. 30
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah. See you. {Default backup bottom of the stack no condition failsafe goodbye.} 31
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Whatever. 32
I need to get going. Neutral 50 Bye. 33
Time for me to go. Neutral 50 Later. 34
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Andy. 35
HELLO Neutral 50 Billy... 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Billy... 37
HELLO Neutral 50 Colin. {Tense.} 38
HELLO Neutral 50 Good morning, Mr. Moriarty... 39
HELLO Neutral 50 Mr. Moriarty... 40
HELLO Neutral 50 Confessor. 41
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Jenny. 42
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Jenny. 43
HELLO Neutral 50 Jenny... 44
HELLO Neutral 50 What's up, Jericho? 45
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Jericho. 46
HELLO Neutral 50 Jericho... 47
HELLO Neutral 50 Gob... {Tense and angry.} 48
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Harden. 49
HELLO Neutral 50 Leo... 50
HELLO Neutral 50 Miss West... 51
HELLO Neutral 50 Sheriff Simms... 52
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, little Maggie. 53
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello there, Manya. 54
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Manya. 55
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Miss Brown. 56
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Moira. 57
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Moira. 58
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Mother Maya. 59
HELLO Neutral 50 Nathan. 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Nova. 61
HELLO Neutral 50 Nova... 62
HELLO Neutral 50 How are you doing, Walter? 63
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Walter. 64
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello. 65
HELLO Neutral 50 S'up? 66
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, how's it going? 67
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey. 68
HELLO Neutral 50 How are you? 69
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there. 70
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi. 71
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah? You need something? 72
HELLO Neutral 50 What is it? 73
HELLO Neutral 50 What's up? 74
HELLO Neutral 50 What's happening? 75
HELLO Neutral 50 Hrm? 76
HELLO Fear 100 No offense, but I don't want whatever's going around. So just keep your distance, okay? 77
HELLO Fear 100 I thought things were finally starting to get better around here. But now everyone's getting sick and nobody knows what to do. 78
HELLO Fear 100 You better stay away from me. I think I may be sick. It's like a... burning in my guts. Damn, it hurts! 79
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello. 80
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there. 81
HELLO Neutral 50 Yes? 82
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see you. 83
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey. 84
HELLO Neutral 50 Morning. 85
HELLO Neutral 50 Evening. {abbreviated "Good evening" greeting} 86
HELLO Anger 75 You've got a lot of nerve showing up here after what you've done. 87
HELLO Anger 75 Make it quick. And don't try anything. 88
HELLO Anger 75 I know what you did. Everybody does. 89
HELLO Anger 50 You again, eh? Nervy bastard, aren't you? 90
HELLO Anger 50 Don't think I've forgotten about what you did. 91
HELLO Anger 50 Don't even think about trying anything. 92
HELLO Neutral 50 Crime doesn't pay, it just pisses people off. 93
HELLO Disgust 60 Next time you want to talk to someone, stay away from me. 94
HELLO Disgust 60 Just make this fast. I don't like talking to criminals. 95
HELLO Disgust 70 There's a fine line between badass and dumbass, and you crossed it. 96
HELLO Neutral 50 Make no mistake. Try something and I drop your ass. 97
HELLO Disgust 60 We may be alike, but don't take me for stupid. I got my eyes on you. 98
HELLO Disgust 60 Keep acting the way you've been acting and they'll catch you, lock you up and throw away the key. 99
HELLO Neutral 50 I'm not sure I should even be seen talking to you. 100
HELLO Disgust 60 Oh, it's you. Up to the same old crap, huh? 101
HELLO Neutral 50 Sometimes being bad feels pretty damn good, eh? 102
HELLO Disgust 60 You should be ashamed of yourself. 103
HELLO Neutral 50 Next time, use your brains... I know you have it in you. 104
HELLO Disgust 60 What's the matter with you? You can't get away with crap like this. 105
HELLO Surprise 60 The way you're acting surprises me. 106
HELLO Sad 60 Everyone makes mistakes... just don't do it often. 107
HELLO Surprise 60 Your bad deeds surprise me, they really do. 108
HELLO Disgust 60 Don't act like you didn't enjoy what you did. 109
HELLO Disgust 60 You're as guilty as the rest of us. 110
HELLO Happy 100 We need more people like you. 111
HELLO Happy 60 Bless you. 112
HELLO Happy 60 You're an example to us all. 113
HELLO Happy 60 It's not easy to be good in this world. I'm glad that someone is. 114
HELLO Happy 60 I've heard about you. Let it never be said that there aren't some good people left in the world. 115
HELLO Happy 60 There's never been anyone like you. 116
HELLO Happy 60 Is everyone from the Vault as kind as you? 117
IdleChatter Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {Muttering to yourself while dreaming} 118
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {<snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.} 119
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {<snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.} 120
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {cough} 121
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {cough} 122
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {cough} 123
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {clear throat} 124
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {clear throat} 125
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {clear throat} 126
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {clear throat} 127
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {clear throat} 128
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {whistle tunelessly (short - 3 or 4 notes)} 129
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {whistle tunelessly (short - 3 or 4 notes)} 130
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {hum tunelessly (short - 3 or 4 notes)} 131
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {hum tunelessly (short - 3 or 4 notes)} 132
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {yawn, mildly (not a huge long yawn like I'm really tired, just a quick bored yawn)} 133
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 {belch} 134
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Huh? {quietly to yourself, as if slightly startled by something} 135
Idle Chatter Surprise 100 What... what's happening? {groggy and confused by mesmetron} 136
Idle Chatter Surprise 100 Why's everything all blurry? {groggy and confused by mesmetron} 137
Idle Chatter Surprise 100 Whoa... what's going on? {groggy and confused by mesmetron} 138
MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello, Confessor. 139
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello, Mother Maya. 140
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Good evening. 141
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Evening. 142
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Good morning. 143
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Morning. 144
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Yeah, yeah. 145
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Not so close. Keep walkin'. 146
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Good to see you. 147
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hi. 148
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hey there. 149
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello. 150
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Oh! Hi! 151
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 What's up? 152
MegatonHowAreYouResponse MegatonHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Not bad... not bad... 153
MegatonHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Been better. 154
MegatonHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Can't complain. 155
MegatonSettlerTalk1 MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 Is there anything interesting going on around here? 156
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 A cap for your thoughts. 157
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 Anything been going on with you? 158
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 You look like you have something on your mind. 159
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 What are you thinking? 160
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 So, what's up? 161
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 You get around, right? What have you heard? 162
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 You know, there has to be something going on around here. 163
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 Something on your mind? 164
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 What's been going on? 165
MegatonSettlerTalk1 Neutral 50 Hey. How's it going? 166
MegatonSettlerTalk2 MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Have you heard what everyone's saying? There's not enough water to go around this month. We'll have to ration... again. 167
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I don't like to spread rumors, but I heard Mister Burke is really interested in the bomb. Really interested. Like... he wants to buy it or something. 168
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I heard the sheriff talking about defusing the bomb. I don't know. The damn thing's been sitting there so long it's probably harmless. Right? 169
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Stockholm says he saw some more Raiders, off to the east. Good thing for us there's nothing in Megaton worth raiding. 170
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You ever see a Yao Guai? Boy, those things are nasty. 171
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Leo Stahl.. you know. He's a junkie, a total chem head. He sells the stuff, too. Late at night, in the processing plant. 172
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Sometimes that Deputy Steel makes me nervous. Simms and his boy, they treat him like a person. But it's just a machine, and machines can malfunction. 173
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Megaton needs a stronger defense force. Okay, there's Simms and Steel, and the town militia, but half of us can't even aim straight. 174
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 It's probably not my place, but... I think the sheriff should find himself a new wife. He needs some companionship, and his boy needs a mother. 175
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Those guys from the church drink the water near the bomb because they WANT to. Believes it makes them "closer to Atom" or something. Idiots. 176
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You know, I'm getting a little sick of living in the slums. They promised me that after a few months I could move into the town. 177
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I don't think that I'm ever going to be able to get a house here. I've asked Simms a dozen times and he keeps saying the same thing. 178
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you hear that sound last night? It sounded like... I don't know... some sort of motor, but it was coming from the sky! 179
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Have you ever talked to that Jericho guy? Man, what an asshole. 180
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Jenny Stahl seems okay but her brothers... whew. One's a workaholic, and the other one is just flat out crazy. What a family. 181
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you see Leo Stahl sneak up to the water processing plant last night? What does he do up there? And why does Walter let him in? 182
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I heard that there are Raiders gathering to the west. Do you think they're planning an attack? 183
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You asked where the parts came from to build the town? I heard that there used to be an air station somewhere around here before the war. 184
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You should talk to the older folks about what Megaton was like before they built the walls. You think it's dangerous now? 185
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I was rooting around in Springvale the other day and guess what I found: a book! An actual book! Can you believe it? 186
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Do you ever question the wisdom in hanging around an atomic bomb all day? I mean, if it was going to blow, it probably would have by now. But still. 187
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 God, that Jericho guy gives me the creeps. He's such a nutjob. 188
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I swear to God, if Nathan starts babbling about the Enclave to me one more time... everyone knows that the Enclave is just a story for kids. 189
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Nathan and his damn Enclave, I tell you... What, does he think, that George Washington is going to ride out of the Wasteland to save everyone? 190
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You ever hear of the Enclave? Nathan tells me that they'll be riding in here any day to help us... 191
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you hear about the Enclave? Nathan said they're really the U.S. government. He says that they're coming to help us. 192
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Walter sure is a grumpy old bastard. But he keeps that crusty old plant running, so I guess we have no choice but to put up with him. 193
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Busted up my knee the other day, so I went to see Doc Church. He needs to work on his bedside manner -- my own mother never chewed me out like that! 194
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 I swear to God, Moira's crazy. She sold me this thing the other day, I didn't even know what the hell it was. Damn good saleswoman though. Damn good. 195
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 What is with those Church of the Atom lunatics anyway? They're all fucked in the head... drinking the bomb water, praying for another war? 196
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you hear about Nathan? Yeah, he went and got himself killed. Manya is beside herself. 197
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Nathan just hasn't been the same since Manya died. He refuses to leave the house! 198
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Manya and Nathan are both gone... what's happening around here? 199
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Ever since Sheriff Simms died, this place hasn't been the same. There's a fight nearly every night up at Moriarty's! 200
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Have you been to the Brass Lantern lately? That place is like a funeral home since Jenny died. 201
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 The Stahl family is still mourning Leo. Nice kid, but I hear that he was mixed up in some bad shit. 202
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you hear that the Stahls lost their older brother? He kept that place running, you know. It'll probably fall apart without him. 203
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 What do you suppose will happen to the Brass Lantern? With the whole family dead, someone's sure to buy it up. 204
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 You know what I miss most? Jenny's noodles. And she was such a sweet girl. 205
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 It's about time that someone gave that bastard Moriarty what he deserved, but I can't believe he left the bar to Gob! 206
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Jericho was an asshole, but he helped keep this place safe. I'm worried about what'll happen if the Raiders attack now... 207
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Did you hear about Lucy? Shame... she died before anyone ever got to know her. 208
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 God damn, I can't believe that someone killed Moira. Some people will do anything to survive out here, won't they? 209
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 With Walter dead, we're screwed. No one else can keep that treatment plant running. 210
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Sorry, not now. 211
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 Can't talk now. 212
MegatonSettlerTalk2 Neutral 50 We'll catch up later. 213
MegatonSettlerTalk3 MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 I hear what you're saying. 214
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Seriously. 215
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Yeah, I know. 216
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 I wish you were joking. 217
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Nothing about this place surprises me anymore. { } 218
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 It's all just more of the same in this town, right? { } 219
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 You know, I thought about moving once. Setting myself up in Rivet City or one of the smaller settlements. But hey, this place is home. { } 220
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Ahhhhh... Megaton. { } 221
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 No kidding, huh? 222
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Hmmm. 223
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Right, right... 224
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Wow... 225
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Jeez... 226
MegatonSettlerTalk3 Neutral 50 Hm hmm. {quickly responding to someone, agreeing} 227
MegatonSettlerTalk4 MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 Well, I guess I should stop gossiping and do something productive. Talk to you later. 228
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 If I hear anything else, I'll be sure and let you know. See ya. 229
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 Ahhh, life here in Megaton, huh? But anyway. I'll talk to you later. 230
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 Sometimes, I really wonder about this place. But hey, I'll talk to you later. 231
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 Listen, I'm gonna go grab some shuteye. 232
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 I was just on my way to grab a bite though -- I'll catch you later. 233
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 What are you going to do, huh? Anyway, I should get going. Take care. 234
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 You know me, I love to hear myself talk. Anyway, I need to take off. 235
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 If I hear anything else, I'll be sure and let you know. See ya. 236
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 *Sigh* Anywaaayyy. I don't want to hold you up. Have a good one, all right? 237
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 It's funny, though. At the end of the day, I still can't think of any other place I'd rather live. Well, I'll talk to you later. 238
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 Heh. It's all so sad, you have to laugh. Know what I'm saying? But hey, you have a good day, all right? 239
MegatonSettlerTalk4 Neutral 50 *Sigh* It's one thing after another in this place, isn't it? Anyway, I should get going. 240
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Talk to you later. { } 241
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Have a good one. { } 242
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Catch you later. { } 243
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Bye. { } 244
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Peace be with you. { } 245
MegatonSettlerTalkBYE Neutral 50 Later. 246
MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Neutral 50 What? Me? Why? 247
MegatonTalk Neutral 50 I'll help you if I can, what do you need? 248
MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Sure... Jericho, is it? What do you want to talk about? 249
MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. No problem. Anything I can do to help, you just let me know! 250
MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 Me? A Raider? Are you joking? I'm not a Raider! I've never even met a Raider before! 251
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 I'm not a Raider! I swear! Who told you that? They're lying! 252
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 Me? Working with Raiders? Hell no! I just want to get a place here in Megaton, and I'll kill any Raider who shows up here to prove it! 253
MegatonTalkDeathReaction MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Hopefully they won't come back as a Ghoul! Ha! Ha ha! ... ... what? Too soon? 254
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Dibs on their stuff! 255
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Dead meat, you say? So... will there be a feast tonight? Hahaha! 256
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 All I can say is: better them than me. 257
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Shit. I wonder if their house is up for bids... 258
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Well, on the bright side, now there are more water rations for the rest of us. 259
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 My sympathies go out. 260
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 It could happen to any of us, you know. 261
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 How does the saying go? "Death is like a robe that everyone has to wear." 262
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable. {Quoting the Bhagavad Gita} 263
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 God full of mercy who dwells on high, grant rest for this soul on the wings of your divine presence... {Quoting the Torah} 264
MegatonTalkDoubt Neutral 50 We have come from God and unto him we shall return... {Quoting the Koran} 265
MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny Neutral 50 You're really an asshole, you know that? 266
MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny Neutral 50 That's appalling. 267
MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny Neutral 50 You're going to a special hell, you know that? 268
MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny Neutral 50 Too soon! 269
MegatonTalkDeathReactionFunny Neutral 50 You can't be serious. 270
MegatonTalkEnclaveNegative MegatonTalkEnclaveNegative Neutral 50 Help us? Are you crazy? I heard about some shit they pulled out west somewhere... 271
MegatonTalkEnclaveNegative Neutral 50 From what I hear, they're nothing but bad news. 272
MegatonTalkEnclaveNegative Neutral 50 Yeah, well. We'll see. They can't be worse than those Brotherhood of Steel psychos down in the city. 273
MegatonTalkEnclaveNegative Neutral 50 Yeah, right. I'm not holding out hope for the cavalry to come save the world. 274
MegatonTalkEnclavePositive MegatonTalkEnclavePositive Neutral 50 Really? Maybe there's hope yet... 275
MegatonTalkEnclavePositive Neutral 50 I don't know... I want to believe that but I'm just not sure. 276
MegatonTalkEnclavePositive Neutral 50 If that's true, then all we have to do is hold out for a little while, right? 277
MegatonTalkEnclavePositive Neutral 50 I hope you're right. I really do. But after 200 years, don't you think they'd have done something by now? 278
MegatonWhatsUpResponse MegatonWhatsUpResponse Neutral 50 Can't say that there's much going on. 279
MegatonWhatsUpResponse Neutral 50 Nada. 280
MegatonWhatsUpResponse Neutral 50 Not much. 281
MegatonWhatsUpResponse Neutral 50 Nothing. We'll talk later. 282