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For an overview of power fist models in the Fallout series of games, see power fists.

A "Big Frigger" power fist from BeatCo. Considered by many to be the ultimate weapon to use in unarmed combat. This one has upgraded power servos for increased strength. Powered by small energy cells.

The "Big Frigger" mega power fist is an Unarmed weapon in Fallout 2.


Main article: Power fists
The Big Frigger mega power fist is a new model, upgraded from BeatCo's previous 'Big Frigger' power fist. A promotional excerpt states that it has upgraded power servos to increase its Strength. However, it uses twice as much charge from power cells as well.


An updated version of the previous Power Fist, this model features glowing green studs and short metal spikes on the knuckles and proximal joints of the fingers. It delivers more powerful punches at the cost of two small energy cells per hit. They are the most expensive as well as the most damage-inflicting unarmed weapon in the game.


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