Mike "0xdeadbeef" Dulany

What's your job at Bethesda?
Progammer/Slave to caffeine.

What have you drawn on for inspiration in developing Fallout 3? Books, movies, music, etc would be fine, if you don't want to name any games.
Mad Max. I've named all my variables variants of "Mel Gibson" in honor of Mad Max. bGibson = false; iMadMel = 5;

What is your favorite type of game to play (RTS,FPS,RPG etc)
I play pretty much all genres but shy away from sports & racers ( though I do enjoy crashing things in Burnout ).

Considering that much of the game will probably be in a wild wasteland, do any of you spend much time hiking, camping, etc, and if so where?
I'll hit up any local trails at the parks in the area, but I really enjoy Great Falls ( particularly the VA side ).

What games are you looking forward to on the horizon?
Bioshock, Assasins Creed, & I do enjoy all things Guitar Hero.

Other than videogames, what are your interests? (Board games, reading, music, etc)
I'm a pretty avid climber, when I'm not injured. I do the board game club here with others that post regularly. I've also been known to enjoy a Chipotle burrito on occasion. On occasion = Every moment of the day

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