Grant Struthers

Grant Struthers

Grant "TheGragster" Struthers

To Megan, I noticed that you spent some time in Pittsburgh... so I'm guessing it's safe to assume that you went to AiP?
Yeah, Megan is a Carnegie Mellon alumna. (The Latin singular feminine noun is alumna? Spiffy!)

I know there are two AIP grads here, myself included. There may be more, but I haven’t heard any rumors of the like.

As far as my opinion of the school, I think the key to AIP is you get what you are willing to put in. The class work will give you a good start, but the extra workshops (both at AIP and CMU) are where the real learning happens. It’s a good idea to hook up with other dedicated students and try to work together on projects. (At least in CAM, or MAA, or whatever they call it now.)

Oh, and for the love of all that is good, get as far away from Allegheny Center as you can.

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