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Med-Tek Research is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Med-Tek was a pre-War medical and pharmaceutical company. In this facility, research was done on their latest product, Prevent, which was completed shortly before the Great War. If their predicted sales are anything to go by, Prevent was to be their latest in a long line of wonder drugs.

Subjects used in Med-Tek's research may not have participated in the experiments voluntarily. Cell blocks were built into the lower facility to house test subjects and a number of remains have handcuffs and duct tape in close proximity.



There are many ghouls hidden underneath vehicles and inside the parking garage next to the building that may wake up after unsuppressed gunshots.


The facility has three accessible floors and contains both synths and ghouls. An airlock on the first floor can only be opened as part of MacCready's companion quest Long Road Ahead, and grants access to the sublevel of the building. The second and third floor can always be accessed, but contain very little of interest. The executive terminal on the third floor is part of the previously mentioned companion quest for MacCready.

Notable lootEdit


  • There is a small hidden area containing the skeleton of a doctor and some minor loot in the sublevel room with the fusion core, accessible by jumping off the stairs and crossing the pipes.
  • The distress signal that can be picked up in front of the building leads to a ruined house just south of the building. It is connected to The Lost Patrol quest.


Med-Tek Research appears only in Fallout 4.