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Mechanist's costume
Mechanist costume
Icon mechanists costume
The Mechanist's costume
item HP100
effectsCharisma -1
Endurance +1
questsThe Superhuman Gambit
base id0003411e
The Mechanist's helmet
item HP50
base id00034120

The Mechanist's costume and the matching The Mechanist's helmet are pieces of Fallout 3 armor worn by the eponymous self-proclaimed superhero, the Mechanist, who is hiding out in the Robot Repair Center south of Canterbury Commons in the Capital Wasteland.


The Mechanist's armor is inspired by robots, with greaves and armor heavily resembling a robot's body, and the helmet having two antennae sticking out. It gives a decent DR of 20 and gives a +1 bonus to Endurance, although it's fairly heavy at 15 lbs and gives a penalty of -1 Charisma.

As the Mechanist's background lies in robot and mechanical repairs and the additional fact that he lives at the Robot Repair Center, it's safe to assume that the armor is completely composed of robot parts acquired there.

The body plate and waist fitting bear similarities to that of a sentry bot, the shoulder covering pauldrons and upper arm-guards appear to be refurbished from robobrain parts, and the elbow guards appear to be furnished from protectron shoulder joint casings.


The armor can be obtained either by killing the Mechanist or persuading him to give up his career.

Related questsEdit

Should you be asked by Uncle Roe to solve the town's "Superhero" problem, The Mechanist's costume can be handed over to the AntAgonizer to end the town's problems. Alternatively, wearing the costume in the AntAgonizer's presence will turn her hostile.


  • There is a random encounter in which a child will appear and ask for the Lone Wanderer's autograph if they are wearing this outfit or the AntAgonizer's costume.
  • In addition, wearing this costume will open unique dialogue options. For example, when asked to travel to the RobCo Facility by Moira as part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, a player wearing The Mechanist's outfit will have the option of saying "This job will be no problem for... THE MECHANIST!"
  • The helmet can be worn with glasses (i.e. the lucky shades) or the ghoul mask, thus combining high DR with useful effects.
  • The costume cannot be repaired by the player character, but non-player characters such as Crow, Doc Hoff, and Lucky Harith can be paid to repair it.

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