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The mechanic jumpsuit is an outfit in Fallout 4.


Mechanic jumpsuits provide a bonus of 1 to Intelligence and Perception while worn. They do not allow armor to be worn over them but may be upgraded with ballistic weave. One variant of mechanic jumpsuit is a solid olive green with white crew-neck undershirt and black boots. The other is pale blue with red stripes and a Red Rocket logo.



Green jumpsuitEdit

Red Rocket jumpsuitEdit

  • One can be found directly north of Sanctuary Hills, close to the edge of the map. A lone raider with an attack dog has a camp in the woods. In the shack is the corpse of a woman that can sometimes be wearing this piece of clothing.
  • Worn by Cathy.
  • Worn by a resident in the Dugout Inn.
  • Worn by Deb.