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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Farrel, Cornelius's best friend in Modoc


{100}{}{An old man. He makes a prune look fresh.}
{102}{}{You hear the sound of dry twigs cracking every time he moves.}
{150}{}{Hey, get away from there!}
{151}{}{Stop that!}
{153}{}{I didn't steal the watch, so stop coming over here and harassing poor old Farrel!}
{154}{}{Cornelius says you stole his gold watch.}
{155}{}{Where'd you get the money for the new tools?}
{156}{}{What can you tell me about Modoc?}
{157}{}{What do you do around here?}
{158}{}{Watch? What are you talking about?}
{159}{}{Now what!?}
{162}{}{What are you hiding in the wall safe?}
{165}{}{Can you take me to your garden?}
{166}{}{I cleared out all the vermin from your garden.}
{167}{}{You mentioned something about a watch earlier.}
{168}{}{Is this the watch you were looking for?}
{169}{}{All furries dead!}
{170}{}{Gar ... din?}
{171}{}{Not again! How many people is Cornelius going to send over to look for his watch? I didn't do it! In fact, I was probably the victim of the same thief. Around the same time his watch disappeared, some of my tools were stolen. I'm sure you don't believe me, so you might as well have a look around, otherwise you'll never go away. Well, go on!}
{172}{}{I think I will have a look around.}
{173}{}{Did Miria tell you that? I'll have to spank her bottom for spreading rumors again! Look, I may be poor, but I have my pride. I helped one of the traders fix his wagon, and in return he gave me some tools.}
{174}{}{Admit it - you're guilty!}
{175}{}{What proof do you have that what you say is true?}
{176}{}{Do you expect me to believe that?}
{177}{}{My honor alone is proof enough that my words are true. I can offer nothing more.}
{178}{}{If you didn't take it, then who do you think took it?}
{179}{}{I suspect a thief passing through town took the watch, and has since moved on. Although I can't for the life of me think of a reason he would want my old tools...}
{180}{}{Do you expect me to believe that?}
{181}{}{No, but since I know I didn't do it, that's the only theory I could come up with.}
{182}{}{Can I ask you some more questions?}
{183}{}{HA! If you think I'm so guilty, why don't you just shoot me and get it over with. You little punk, come and get me!}
{184}{}{How did you find it? I hid that safe so nobody would be able to find it. You must be a professional thief. Hmm... where were you when the gold watch disappeared? I think you'd better leave, and nothing better be missing from the safe or I'll have Sheriff Jo on ya. Now get out!}
{185}{}{Modoc is a small community of farmers and ranchers. We supply most of the food for the surrounding towns and cities by trading our crops for various essentials. It's actually a very nice arrangement. However, this could all change with the drought. We can barely keep ourselves fed, let alone have surplus to trade.}
{187}{}{Well, mostly I putter around in the garden, trying to make those damn plants grow without water. I can't do that now because something big has moved in and I can't seem to get rid of it. And to top it all off, nobody will help me because they think I stole Cornelius's gold watch.}
{188}{}{Well, mostly I putter around in the garden, trying to make those damn plants grow without water. But I can't do that now because something big has moved in and I can't seem to get rid of it. Without food from my garden, I'll surly starve.}
{189}{}{I can help you, for a price.}
{190}{}{I'll be happy to help.}
{191}{}{Admit you stole the watch and I'll help.}
{193}{}{Look around! I'm just a poor old man. I can barely afford to keep myself fed, let alone reward you.}
{194}{}{I'll be glad to help you anyway.}
{195}{}{Sorry, I can't help you then.}
{196}{}{That would be wonderful. I can't thank you enough. My garden is little ways east of here. Come with me, I'll show you.}
{197}{}{Thank you! You are truly a hero amongst heroes. Not many people would risk their lives for a total stranger. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you... [You get this warm fuzzy feeling all the way down to your toes.]}
{198}{}{Can I ask you a few more questions?}
{199}{}{I'd rather starve than tarnish my good name! Go to hell!}
{200}{}{Everybody is accusing me of stealing my best friend Cornelius's gold pocket watch. Me and Cornelius have been friends as long as I can remember; I would never take his watch. I've searched everywhere hoping to find it so we can be friends again, but I've had no such luck.}
{201}{}{I'll be around for awhile. If I come across it, I'll let you know.}
{202}{}{That's really too bad. Can I ask you some more questions?}
{203}{}{Would you really? Nobody will help me because they think I stole the watch. It would be nice to have somebody on my side, for once. I've already questioned everyone about it, but it won't hurt to ask everybody again. Maybe they'll tell you something they wouldn't tell me. It also won't hurt to poke yer nose around Rose's Bed and Breakfast; Cornelius is notorious for putting stuff down and forgetting where he put it a minute later.}
{205}{}{Let me see that! Yes, this is it! You said a rat living down the sewage hole stole it? And you climbed down there and retrieved it? EWWW! I'm going to give this to Cornelius right now! Now we can be friends again. Thank you.}
{206}{}{Ooga right back at ya. How would you like to do old Farrel a favor, my slope-foreheaded little friend? I have this little vermin problem in my garden. Make the little pests go away and I'll give you a reward.}
{207}{}{No, no, no... me no do.}
{208}{}{Yep. I do.}
{209}{}{Bye bye!}
{210}{}{Then get out, you dimwitted cave dweller!}
{211}{}{So good of you, my dear fellow. [He takes your hand and walks you to the garden.] Wouldn't want you to get lost. Come back and see me when you finish killing the pests.}
{212}{}{My dear, sweet, woman. You're so kind to an old man. [He takes your hand and walks you to the garden.] Wouldn't want you to get lost. Come back and see me when you finish killing the pests.}
{213}{}{Fantastic! And here is your reward. [He digs in his pants and produces a half eaten cookie.] Now be a good little caveman and take your cookie outside and play.}
{300}{}{I'm gonna kill that bastard.}
{301}{}{I hate him...}
{501}{}{I didn't steal yer stupid watch!}
{502}{}{I'm innocent, I tell ya!}
{503}{}{You couldn't hit the broadside of a barn!}
{550}{}{He's not paying attention to what you're saying.}
{600}{}{You have peacefully solved the feud between Farrel and Cornelius.}

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