FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Max's customized ATV, also referred to as simply Max's or the ATV in the Fallout film treatment was set to appear in the canceled Fallout film.


The ATV first appears in the film when Max uses it to transport the newly-freed scouts into the Hub, via the Hollywood Hills and the old freeway system. Upon arrival, the ATV is handed over to a valet, whereby Max warns him that he has enabled a remotely-detonated device under the set, one which can only be disabled by Max's remote, but which will be detonated by a change on the odometer, the seat becoming empty or any attempts to disarm it.[2]

When they return to the vehicle, the frightened valet is still sat there. They then use the ATV to escape from the Hub via the old freeway and return to Vault 13.[3]


Max's customized ATV was set to appear in the canceled Fallout film by Interplay Films.


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