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The Mass Fusion main reactor is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. The main reactor is in the lower level of the Mass Fusion building in downtown Boston.


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Notable LootEdit

  • A Overdue book next to the Attendant's Terminal
  • The unique damaged Hazmat suit (Fallout 4) can be found in a drawer right outside the decontamination room, that leads into the reactor room.
  • A Hazmat suit (Fallout 4) can be found in the locker room behind the Attendant's Terminal, sitting on a shelf of one of the lockers. And another next to the Analyst's Terminal on top of a safe.
  • A legendary Sentry bot (Fallout 4) spawns behind the northern security door, which can be opened through the Reactor Security Control Terminal on the south side of the room before the reactor room. Alternatively, you can get the core and trip the security and the doors will open automatically.


The Main Fusion main reactor appears only in Fallout 4.


If you try to drink the water here, you will instantly die.

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