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The Mass Fusion executive suite is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. The suite is comprised of the upper levels of the Mass Fusion building in downtown Boston.


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Notable lootEdit


Using a Brotherhood of Steel Vertibird, one can travel to the Mass Fusion building and discover the Mass Fusion executive suite location en route. However, the elevator ID card needed for the Mass Fusion quest does not spawn until the player character begins the quest.

By jumping off the top of the building towards the southeast, it is possible to land in Goodneighbor. Instead of continuing to fall, the player may arrive at the entrance.


The Mass Fusion executive suite only appears in Fallout 4. The player character is teleported to the area as part of the Mass Fusion quest. In the Brotherhood version of the quest (Spoils of War), the player character is dropped off there by Vertibird.


  • ps4Icon ps4 If a companion is dismissed while on the roof of the building, they will remain there until retrieved.[verification overdue]


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