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The masonry hammer is a junk item in Fallout 4.


A wooden handle with a steel head attached. It is shaped specifically for the craft of masonry.


  • One can be found on a table, behind a locked door in the basement of the Rook family house.
  • On the shelf in a garage with a power armor station, following the road northwest from the Mass Fusion building. The garage is near a small playground where a yao guai usually sleeps.
  • One is in the blast furnace area of Saugus Ironworks where Slag is met, on a metal barrel to the left facing the door.
  • On a cabinet in a garage with a "GUN SHOP" sign. The garage is by the Master locked side entrance to HalluciGen, Inc.
  • fo4fhGametitle-FO4 FH One can be found in an unmarked house, just to the northeast of Rayburn Point. It lies on a desk just above the active fragmentation mine.

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