Mason Dixon Salvage

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Mason Dixon Salvage
Mason Dixon Salvage
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Mason DS loc
map markerMason Dixon Salvage
Other actors
creaturesSuper mutants
cell nameShacktown03 (shack ext.)
ShackTownInterior05 (west shack)
ShackTownInterior06 (east shack)
ref id00001397 (shack ext.)
000c2f6d (west shack)
000c2f6c (east shack)

Mason Dixon Salvage is a location in the northern part of the Capital Wasteland.


It appears to have been a pre-War auto parts and salvage complex. Since then, super mutants have moved in and are using it as a base of command. There is also a human captive here.


The salvage yard can be found northwest of Paradise Falls and south-southwest of SatCom Array NN-03d. It is closest to Drowned Devil's Crossing, and can most easily be reached by traveling north from there.

On the east and west ends there are two rusted metal shacks. To the south of the western shack are three overturned trailers. The easiest way to get to the salvage yard is to come from the north because of the small trail that leads up to the salvage area.

As a super mutant camp, there are several leveled mutants and centaurs. Up to seven enemies may spawn (depending on whether the add-on Broken Steel is installed). One of them will always be a grade up from the others. Also, there may be a deathclaw on the small hill nearby. It will not hesitate following the player into the shacks, or even kill the captive before they can be saved.

Notable lootEdit


  • This location may host super mutant overlords if Broken Steel is installed.
  • No Karma loss occurs if the captive is blown to smithereens in the massive car explosion possible at this location.
  • Once this location has been cleared out once, it becomes a dangerous location to fast-travel to, as the end point is directly inside a group of super mutants that have (most likely) already re-spawned.
  • There are two shacks that could be used as shelter, as they have unowned beds inside. However, if you decide to use them as shelter, you will find yourself fighting off super mutants almost every time you fast travel there, because they respawn every 3 in-game days.


Mason Dixon Salvage appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

This location is based on the real location "Mason Dixon Auto Salvage", a junk yard on Rt. 1 on the PA side of the MD/PA border (also called the Mason-Dixon Line) with 18 acres of recyclable cars.


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