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Mason District is an area in the Capital Wasteland located on the west side of Potomac River. It is overrun by super mutants.


The Mason District mainly consists of a large flooded park surrounded by buildings, with a metro entrance in the south and north. Hubris Comics is at the northwest. In the flooded park, right outside Hubris Comics, are some super mutants with a captive.


Mason District can be reached through three underground tunnels:

Notable lootEdit


There is a sniper's nest that overlooks the park, in which the skeleton of a long deceased sniper can be found on the ground, the rifle near the body, and the chair they were sitting on lying on the ground. The corner apartment at the intersection of Jarndyce Way and Dexter Ave contains the nest on the second level.


Mason District appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mason District is an actual location in nearby Fairfax County Virginia, and it even has a park complete with a playground.


Interactive mapEdit

Mason District

Mason District

Created by Digital UtopiaCreated by Digital Utopia

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