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The mascot head is a piece of headwear appearing in Fallout 4.


The mascot head is a unique hat that can be worn with face apparel. It has a hole in one side, allowing you to still see your character's face.


Found east of Diamond City, in D.B. Technical High School. Said location is also west of Hesters Consumer Robotics and itself south of Medical Center metro. Go down to the basement of the school and find Bosco, who is wearing the head.


  • Bosco and all the raiders will respawn after a time; however, he doesn't respawn with another mascot head, making it able to be obtained only once.
  • The mascot head can be worn with the faded visor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mascot head is styled as a bear's head in reference to the real world counterpart of D.B. Technical High School, which had a bear for a school mascot.


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