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Gametitle-FNV LR

The marked men base is a location in the Divide.


As you progress from the Hopeville Missle Base's headquarters, make sure to check the the outside upper level balconies for loot. From the roof of the Headquarters, jump to the roofs of the steel barracks-type buildings to find more loot.

The armory has a medical healing station, as well as a commissary. As you continue through the area, the barracks has three Marked Men in it, and another Commissary.

Continuing from the barracks you will find a locked chain link gate that leads you down toward the marked men supply depot, with upended train cars and three more marked men. This area is completely walled in between high stone walls, factory walls, broken concrete walls, piled up cars, and an army truck with a nuclear warhead in it. Though it seems like you should be able to jump up from around the army truck, there is an invisible wall that will not let you pass toward the detonator from this area.

Notable loot


  • There is a Camp Searchlight fire truck within the base.
  • After blowing up the warhead, Blister will ambush the player along with a small band of marked men (7-8 total). Their weapons depend on the player's level.


The Marked men base appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

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