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Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR

The marked beast tribal helmet is a piece of headwear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.


It provides a Damage Threshold of 4 as well as a bonus of +3 to Melee Weapons and Unarmed skills.

A crude helmet crafted by former legionaries inside the Divide before becoming marked men. The helmet, like its variants, were created as mirrors of their new and unknown Legate, a symbol they could hold on to, while the Divide tears them apart.

This version is the one that resembles Lanius' helmet the most, though it's still missing the horn on the right side and the red frill on top.



Can be found on Bonesaw, southeast of the Ashton silo control station near a small building.


  • It is the only beast helmet bearing the recognizable beard from Lanius' helmet, and thus is the closest in appearance to the "original" Lanius' helmet.
  • Though the Pip-Boy 3000 icon depicts the helmet with a frill, the actual helmet lacks any frill.

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