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For an overview of all gauntlets in the Fallout series of games, see Gauntlets.

The mantis gauntlet is a unarmed weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


Visually, the weapon consists of a severed mantis foreleg, fitted to the wielder's forearm and reinforced with metal bars and leather straps. A handle on the "blade" allows stability.

V.A.T.S. Special AttacksEdit

Type of attackIcon attackSkill requiredIcon abilityDamage per attack in V.A.T.S.Icon damageAction point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapAdditional effectsIcon effect
Stomp50120206Only on knocked down enemies
Cross7566203.32.5x damage to limbs
Note: Unarmed weapons do double normal damage in V.A.T.S.


The mantis gauntlet can successfully strike about 245 times from full condition before breaking.



Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon meleeDamage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damageDamage per secondIcon dpsAttacks per secondIcon attackCritical Chance % multiplierIcon chanceCritical damageIcon critical damageAction Point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapDurability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repairWeightIcon weightValue in capsIcon merchantValue to weight ratioIcon ratioSkill requiredIcon abilityStrength requiredIcon fist
Mantis gauntlet 30
Embrace of the Mantis King! fnvgraGametitle-FNV GRA42
Note: Unarmed damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.


The mantis gauntlet is found very commonly at higher levels in the Honest Hearts add-on, often used by the White Legs.

Outside of Honest Hearts, the mantis gauntlet is rarely sold by certain weapons vendors, particularly those dealing in very rare items:


Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • The mantis gauntlet was to be a crafted weapon, similar to the deathclaw gauntlet from Fallout 3. Several resources, including an item called schematics - mantis scythe point to this, though the inconsistency of the remaining resources as well as their only partial implementation make the specifics unclear.
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.
  • The mantis gauntlet had its DT bypassing effect removed in a patch.