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Maggy, it's your mother is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.




Evelyn Black: Maggy, it's your mother. I want you to know your father and I... we take no pleasure in this decision. But at this point, we don't have a choice. You and Bill have dragged the Black name through the muck for the last time. What they say you two and that Wyath girl did to those classmates of yours... True or not, defending you both again and again, it's gotten to the point we can barely do business in this town anymore. You two have cost us... so much. And are you repentant? Are you sorry? Of course not. Well, we are through defending you. You're going to accept the exile the town demands. You're going to leave Diamond City for good. And you will never, ever, see another cap from your father or I again. You had every chance in the world to make this right, Maggy. Well, we are done giving you chances.

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