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Macomb is a location in Fallout Tactics, which can be reached from Bunker Beta. It is a town located in the area of the pre-War city of Macomb, Illinois, southwest of Chicago.


Around 2197, the Brotherhood of Steel received a distress call from one of their squads acting as an escort to a supply wagon passing through Macomb. A single unit was separated from the main group and the road behind him has been blocked off. The Warrior and his team arrived soon, being attacked by Macomb raiders and civilians driven mad with hunger, as the Brotherhood of Steel supply wagons carried food, weapons, and medical supplies through the town. The vehicle and Pilot Christian the driver were rescued, and all the opposition was killed. Three extermination squads were dispatched to Macomb to remove the assorted "riffraff": all the bandits and mad civilians who were probably still there. Those who weren't killed paid back the Brotherhood's "generosity" by serving in labor camps. The only inhabitant of Macomb who wasn't hostile to the Brotherhood was Phillip Wilson, the town librarian. It is unknown what happened to him. Another person who did not initially attack when encountered was a hungry raider, hoping to trade the location of a key for food, but he inevitably attacked the Warrior in desperation.


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The mission in Macomb is to transport a supply Hummer through a town full of barricades and ambushes.


Macomb appears only in Fallout Tactics.