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You grind the gears of the machines and gain a damage bonus against robots.

Fallout: New Vegas description

Machine Head is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas. It is given for completing the Demise of the Machines challenge.


You gain a bonus damage to robots (Mister Gutsy, robobrain, protectron etc...)

  • Rank 1: +3% damage
  • Rank 2: +6% damage
  • Rank 3: +10% damage


The player must kill 50 robots for one rank each time, three times.



pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 Although there are 3 ranks for this perk, a bug in the reward script makes it impossible to get the third rank. The same bug also causes the notification to misreport the rank that is given. When rank 1 is given, the notification says that you've been given rank 2, and when rank 2 is given, the notification says that you've been given rank 3. [verified]

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