MacCready's duster is an outfit in Fallout 4.


A body length tan jacket, torn at the front, held together by a belt with several pouches and featuring a ripped tail. Underneath the jacket are a white undershirt, green scarf and green trousers. Accoutrements include a pair of binoculars at the waist and bandoliers around the left leg, as well as a watch on the right arm. The outfit has 5 ballistic defense and increases Agility by 1.

MacCready's duster can be upgraded with ballistic weave, drastically increasing its defensive properties.

The cap is a dark-green military-type cover, with two live rifle rounds strapped to the brim by the sweatband.


Available through trading with MacCready once he has been recruited as a companion, or by looting his body upon MacCready's death.


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