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This is a transcript for dialogue with Silas.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 That's close enough. What the hell are you doing wandering around here? {Suspicious} 1
GREETING Disgust 50 Keep moving. Mister Walker is waiting. 2
GREETING Surprise 50 Oh. You again. 3
Neutral 50 What do you want? 4
GREETING Happy 50 I heard you're going to help us get those runaways. 5
GREETING Disgust 50 Make it quick. I'm busy. 6
MS06DeadSupermutants What happened to those Super Mutants? Disgust 50 When they get too close, we have to kill them. 7
Neutral 50 It's good target practice. 8
MS06Memorial So this is the Lincoln Memorial? Disgust 50 Not for long. 9
Happy 50 I can't wait to see the Great Emancipator turn into a smoking pile of rubble {say "Great Emancipator" with exaggerated sarcasm.} 10
MS06MyMistake My mistake. I'll just be going. Disgust 50 Smart move. We shoot anyone that tries to get into the Memorial. 11
MS06Peaceful Easy now. I'm just curious about this place. I'm not looking for trouble. Surprise 50 Curiosity can get a wastelander killed. I'm going to let you through, but you'll have to talk to Mr. Walker first. Follow me. 12
Neutral 50 Oh, and stay off the Memorial steps. They have orders to shoot anyone that gets too close. The dirt path is safe. 13
MS06ToughGuy I want something to drink, kill and steal. Not necessarily in that order. Happy 50 Ha, ha! Don't we all. 14
Neutral 50 Let's go see Mister Walker. He's in charge of the killing around here. 15
Anger 50 And stay away from the Memorial. We have orders to shoot first and loot the bodies after. 16

Conversation Edit

MS06GateWarning MS06GateWarning Anger 50 Stay away from the steps. They have orders to shoot first and loot the body afterward. 17

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