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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vault-Tec doctor.


1MQ101Vault111_NeighborGrievingScene00179693NeighborFemale06: My mother and father down in D.C... Oh god, honey, what if they didn't make it?{grief counseling, sincere and calming / Concerned} I know this is a difficult time, but Vault-Tec will be with you every step of the way. You'll thrive here.A1a
2-000D34E3{polite, calm, gentle, trauma counselor} Please. These people need some space.
3{polite, calm, gentle, trauma counselor} I'll be sure to sit down with all of you about adjusting to Vault life. For now, just follow your guide.
4{polite, calm, gentle, trauma counselor} Please stay with your guide.
5{gentle, polite} Hi there. Do you have your Vault suit? You'll need one.
6{gentle, polite} You'll need a Vault suit.
7{calm, polite} Just follow your guide. He'll step you through the process.
8{calm, polite} Everyone has to be decontaminated before we head further in.
9{calm, polite} Don't worry. The decontamination process is very quick.