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This is a transcript for dialogue with John Henry Eden over the Raven Rock intercom.

Conversation Edit

MQ09AutumnPresConv MQ09AutumnPresConv Happy 50 Now, Colonel... {almost sing-song; very condescending} 1
MQ09AutumnPresConv Neutral 50 Colonel... I have need of you. {light-hearted, slightly condescending, almost sing-song} 2
MQ09EdenPASpeech MQ09EdenPASpeech Neutral 50 Please do not impede his progress. Thank you for your cooperation. 3
MQ09EdenPASpeech Neutral 50 Please do not impede her progress. Thank you for your cooperation. 4
MQ09EdenPASpeech Neutral 50 Attention all Raven Rock Personnel: This is your President speaking. I've invited our guest from Vault 101 to my office. 5
MQ09PresConv1 MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 And I'll unlock your restraints as well. I'll be waiting for you in my office. Please don't tarry. 6
MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 You'll find your possessions in the locker near the door. I'll unlock the way for you. 7
MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 I'd like to have a word with you, face-to-face. I think there are a few things you and I should discuss. 8
MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 I have no doubt that you know who I am. I'm sure you've heard my radio broadcasts. 9
MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 I do apologize for Colonel Autumn's attitude. He's been under a great deal of stress lately. 10
MQ09PresConv1 Neutral 50 Ah, alone at last. 11

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