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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Master's lair prisoners.


{100}{}{You see a dirty, grubby prisoner.}
{101}{}{One prisoner in the second cell is not like the others. He stands tall and looks you squarely in the eye.}
{102}{}{The prisoner stares blankly at the wall.}
{103}{}{The prisoner ignores your attempts to talk.}
{104}{}{He looks wildly at you for a moment, and then turns away.}
{105}{}{She looks at you for a moment, and then drools.}
{106}{}{You get no response.}
{107}{}{We're free! We're free!}
{108}{}{Your kind is repugnant. Do not speak to me.}
{110}{}{You don't have the right to speak to me like that.}
{111}{}{You don't understand. I'm here to free you.}
{112}{}{Do not mock me.}
{113}{}{I have no rights, and I could care less. Go away, and leave us alone.}
{114}{}{I refuse to tell you any information. Leave me alone.}
{116}{}{I'm really here to free you. I'm a normal human.}
{117}{}{If you want it that way. Sure. Goodbye.}
{118}{}{Don't you remember that you tried that trick last week? I didn't fall for it then, and I'm not going to start now.}
{119}{}{What? No cowl to hind behind? Your traitorous nature is self-evident.}
{120}{}{I'm here to free you.}
{121}{}{Goodbye, then.}
{122}{}{You are cruel. Leave us alone.}
{123}{}{I won't spill the beans about my people. You cannot force a man to betray himself, you can only force a man to stop living.}
{124}{}{You really don't get it. I'm a human being, here to rescue here.}
{125}{}{I don't even have to force you to rot in hell. You're doing a fine job on your own.}
{126}{}{You're still mocking me.}
{127}{}{From the mouth of a man comes the serpent's words.}
{128}{}{Right, I could guess that. Go away, and leave us alone.}
{200}{}{The prisoner looks dirty and tired. A collar around their neck is shiny and new.}
{201}{}{The prisoner looks back at you with a blank stare. You notice a collar around their neck.}
{300}{}{A sign on the wall reads: 'No Entrance. Secure Area. Prisoner Handlers Only!'}
{301}{}{You gain }
{302}{}{ experience points for releasing prisoners from misery.}

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