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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Shared dialogue file for super mutant Viscious, and the mad scientists


{100}{}{You see a technician. He is working diligently for the Unity and the Master.}
{101}{}{We do the work of the Master.}
{102}{}{We do the work of the Master, and we cannot be interrupted!}
{103}{}{Master! An intruder!}
{200}{}{You see Viscious, a super mutant leader. He looks mean.}
{201}{}{You see a mean-looking super mutant.}
{202}{}{The will of the Master prevails. What news do you have for me?}
{204}{}{Uh, the war goes well.}
{205}{}{I have a message for the Master from his Lieutenant. I must see the Master now.}
{206}{}{The only news that I have is that you're about to become fertilizer.}
{207}{}{An intruder!}
{208}{}{Your manner betrays you, intruder. I will end the threat here.}
{209}{}{You cannot be serious. In fact, you must be lying.}
{210}{}{Uh, yeah, so what?}
{211}{}{I'm not. The Lieutenant could not trust this message to the usual method. I have to see the Master right now! There is no time to waste!}
{212}{}{Then use the door, and beware the Corridor. I assume that you have your protection in place?}
{213}{}{Of course. Thank you. Unity prevails.}
{214}{}{No, not really. Should I?}
{215}{}{Of course! You cannot hope to pass the Corridor without it. What did you do with your nullifier!}
{216}{}{I left it in my other robes.}
{217}{}{The Lieutenant did not have time to give me one.}
{218}{}{Ah, humor, I like that. [pauses] I do not have one, obviously. You need to go get one from the braindrains on the second level. Unity prevails.}
{219}{}{Then he was a fool, or you are not who you seem to be. What is it?}
{220}{}{Obviously, he is a fool.}
{221}{}{The second part.}
{222}{}{Move alone and continue your mission. I haven't the time for you.}
{300}{}{There is a small pile of cigarette butts in the corner of the room.}
{301}{}{The super mutant walks to one side of the room, and lights up a cigarette.}
{302}{}{You see a super mutant with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.}
{303}{}{The super mutant flicks the butt into the corner.}

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