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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Missing Brotherhood initiate


{100}{}{You see a battered man.}
{101}{}{Thank you stranger! I don't know how many weeks, perhaps months, those thugs have had me here. I'm very grateful for your help, and I'm sure the Brotherhood of Steel is also.}
{102}{}{Brotherhood of Steel?}
{103}{}{Well, I'm glad that I could help.}
{104}{}{Are you going to be okay?}
{105}{}{I'm from the Brotherhood. I've been looking for you.}
{106}{}{You're welcome. Bye.}
{108}{}{You haven't heard of us? I'm really surprised. You must not leave the Hub very often. You should get out more. We're northwest of here, on the west side of the mountain range.}
{109}{}{I really appreciate you helping me, but why are you trying to lie to me? Do you not think I know every member of our order?}
{110}{}{Talus sent me.}
{111}{}{Well, you don't know me, because I just joined.}
{112}{}{You obviously don't know what you're talking about.}
{113}{}{Thanks again! If you stop by the Brotherhood, I'd appreciate it if you could let Talus know I'm okay. I'm sure he's worried. Bye, and take care.}
{114}{}{Oh, I'll be fine now, thanks. I have some friends here that I can stay with while I regain my strength. I'll try to send word to the Brotherhood to let them know that I am safe now, thanks to you. Bye}
{115}{}{How... Oh, I'm sorry. You must have passed that "test" the Elders made up. I completely forgot about that. Well, my thanks goes even deeper. I'm glad you never gave up. My life could have been in jeopardy at any moment. It must have taken you a while to hunt me down. This city is huge. The obstacles you must have overcome.}
{116}{}{Well, you know... I'm just that good.}
{117}{}{Actually, it was quite easy. Talus knew where you went.}
{118}{}{Just lucky I guess.}
{119}{}{Well, you're welcome. I'm just glad I found you.}
{120}{}{Oh' Well, I'm still very grateful.}
{121}{}{I guess so. that was some fine handy work you did.}
{122}{}{Well, I'm glad I could help.}
{123}{}{Are you going to be okay?}
{124}{}{Well, thanks again. I am going to stay with some friend of mine until I regain my strength. By the way, I'd watch it around here. I heard my hosts talking about some Thieves' Circle. I guess we're close to their territory or something. I think that might be why they were talking about moving to a different location. Bye.}
{125}{}{Well, I'm glad your luck held out. I've heard some bad things about Old Town. The skags are creepy, I think it's something else.}
{126}{}{Whatever you say. I'm just grateful to be free again. I don't take well to torture.}
{127}{}{No, really, Talus sent me.}
{128}{}{Well, I'm glad i could help.}
{129}{}{Are you going to be okay?}
{130}{}{Maybe not. I've been having trouble remembering things. I think it was something they fed me.}
{131}{}{No, really, Talus sent me.}
{132}{}{Well, I'm glad I could help.}
{133}{}{Are you going to be okay?}
{134}{}{Hello again.}
{135}{}{I'm leaving soon. Just gathering my strength.}
{136}{}{Thanks again.}
// Tell me abouts
// Answers
{1100}{}{The only salvation this tortured planet and its people have. Without them, humanity is sure to perish.}
{1101}{}{The only salvation this tortured planet and its people have. Without them, humanity is sure to perish.}
{1102}{}{He is my mentor and a great man. I look forward to seeing him once again.}