MDPL-05 power station

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The MDPL-05 power station is one of many power stations located in the Capital Wasteland. It can be found on the fault-block mountain in the far reaches of the northwest corner of the map, south-east of Raven Rock and north-northeast of SatCom Array NW-07c.


The power station is secured by fences and two locked gates, but the fence along the mountainside is knocked down, allowing access. Inside the fence lies skeletal remains, a workman's toolbox, a wrench,nuka-cola,dart gun schematics and,deans electronics . On the road to the power station from a bridge you can find all the components needed for a railway rifle. Alternatively, on the same road, near the burned out car, a number of alien power cell can be found, sometimes floating in mid air.

Notable loot

  • Dart gun schematics near the skeleton of the technician.
  • The toolbox next to the skeleton contains the MDPL-05 power station key to the gates.
  • Dean's Electronics: Near the skeleton of the technician.


  • A 'Type A' random encounter spawns just outside the fence on the north side of the power station.


The MDPL-05 Power Station appears only in Fallout 3.


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