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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Mathia, John Maxson's personal assistant at the Lost Hills bunker


{100}{}{You see Mathia.}
{101}{}{Hello, Initiate. So, you are the one who made it out of the Ancient Order alive.}
{103}{}{And who are you?}
{104}{}{Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Bye.}
{105}{}{The name is Mathia. I am officially Maxson's assistant, but I am also here to make sure no one messes with the old man.}
{106}{}{Old man? That sounds a bit disrespectful.}
{107}{}{What do you do as Maxson's assistant?}
{108}{}{Good to meet you. Bye.}
{109}{}{No, no, not at all. He's a good guy. (Jokingly) Besides, I wouldn't bad mouth him while he is standing next to me.}
{110}{}{So, what is it that you do for Maxson as his assistant.}
{112}{}{I take care of all the paper work. He could not do paper work to save his life. Also, if he clears a Weapons Upgrade for one of the Brothers, I process the order.}
{113}{}{Ok, thanks for the information.}
{114}{}{I can't believe an idiot like you is the one who made the Ancient Order run. Go figure.}
{115}{}{Hello again Initiate. How can I help you?}
{117}{}{I'm sorry, I forgot your name.}
{118}{}{Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Good day.}
{119}{}{Alright, let's go. (He grabs you by the arm)}
{120}{}{Uh huh.}
{121}{}{Uh uh.}
{122}{}{Alright, Alright. I'm moving.}
{123}{}{Get the hell away from me. I'm not going anywhere.}
{124}{}{Ok. Maxson has cleared a weapons upgrade for you. What would you like?}
{126}{}{Sniper Rifle.}
{127}{}{Rocket Launcher.}
{128}{}{Laser Pistol.}
{129}{}{Power Fist.}
{131}{}{There you go. Glad you are on our side Initiate.}
{132}{}{The Elders have called a meeting. They wish you to meet them in the conference room right away.}
{133}{}{Where is the conference room?}
{134}{}{Ok, thank you.}
{135}{}{It's on this floor. The northeast corner, right behind the assembly hall.}