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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for MacRae, a guard for the Blades' hideout in Boneyard Downtown


{100}{}{You see a strong, stout man with a bushy beard.}
{101}{}{You see MacRae.}
{102}{}{Hello Lad, what might you be looking for today?}
{103}{}{Hello Lass, what might you be looking for today?}
{104}{}{Ai, What else would you be looking to know?}
{105}{}{Who are you?}
{106}{}{What can you tell me about the Blades?}
{107}{}{Nothing, thanks.}
{108}{}{Well, I'm MacRae. I help the Blades some against the Deathclaws and that Regulator bunch. Teach'em a bit about protectin 'emselves against those nasties.}
{109}{}{What kind of stuff do you teach them?}
{110}{}{Have you seen the Deathclaws?}
{111}{}{What's the deal with the Regulators}
{112}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{113}{}{Well m' specialty is fightin with my fists, and takin a punch or two more than the guy throwin 'em at me.}
{114}{}{Sounds like a dumb idea, I'd rather use a gun.}
{115}{}{Do you think you could teach me anything?}
{116}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{117}{}{Well if that's how you be feeling, you can just turn yourself around and walk away.}
{118}{}{You seem to be an alright lad, but me times busy with keeping the Blades schooled. If things were to straighten themselves, I might be havin the time then.}
{119}{}{Alright, can I ask you something else?}
{120}{}{Thanx for the info.}
{121}{}{Seen em I have. Ran like hell, I did. If yer lookin for 'em, you'll find 'em over there. [MacRae points over to the east]}
{122}{}{I was thinkin the Deathclaws were the spawn of an unnatural act, but 'em Regulators are evil. Come once a month or so and they shows their ugly faces and drag a father away from is wee ones.}
{123}{}{Anything I could do to help?}
{124}{}{Sounds bad, could I ask you another question?}
{125}{}{Thanks for the info.}
{126}{}{You be wantin to talk to Razor. A good lass if there ever was one.}
{127}{}{A good group of people is what the Blades are. Stuck ere between the damn Regulators and the Deathclaws ain't meant the happiest life for em, but they survive.}
{128}{}{[MacRae claps you on the back] Thanks to you, the Blades are going to live a better life. So, what can an old Scotsman do for ya?}
{129}{}{You had said earlier that if you had some free time, you could teach me a few things.}
{130}{}{What have you been doing lately?}
{131}{}{What do you do around here?}
{132}{}{Not a problem.}
{133}{}{Well it's been a wee bit quiet since the Blades helped out Adytum with the Regulators. Me teaching services haven't been in such demand.}
{134}{}{What do you teach?}
{135}{}{Sorry to hear that, hope things get more interesting?}
{136}{}{Could you teach me?}
{137}{}{Sounds interesting, but I gotta get going.}
{138}{}{Well I guess I do have the time. Might as well start right now. [MacRae starts showing you some fighting stances, and ways to take punches like a true Scotsman.]}
{139}{}{You be a quick learner. Hope that helps you in your travels.}
{140}{}{Well I used to be helpin the Blades out by teachin them a few things about protectin themselves against the DeathClaws and the Regulators. Now with you takin care of all that, things have been a wee bit on the boring side lately.}
{141}{}{Good seein ya.}