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The Lynn Woods is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Lynn Woods is a small, uninhabited location, with all the inhabitants having died before the Sole Survivor discovers it. The nearby area is infested with deathclaws, and is located near a ravine that is used in the quest The Devil's Due, wherein you can return a deathclaw egg to its nest.

In this location, there is a small tower with a siren on top of it. Reaching the camp area will cause several raiders to spawn (also by lockpicking the steamer trunk in the shack), activating the siren will cause two leveled deathclaws to spawn. The tower is safe from the deathclaws as they are unable to climb the steps. But if the deathclaws attack you when you are in the tower there is a chance they may lunge into the tower, which will result in them being able to climb the stairs.

Notable lootEdit

  • A deathclaw gauntlet spawns in the small valley to the west-northwest that contains deathclaws. There is a non-hostile deathclaw should one be doing the quest The Devil's Due.
  • Wasteland Survival Guide issue #4 on top of the yellow sleeping bag in the southern wooden shack.
  • Lynn Woods chest key on the body of a settler at the top of the tower. This opens the master locked chest inside the northern shack.


  • Just to the west of the unmarked deathclaw nest, a mirelurk queen will rarely spawn with a dead settler. This is level dependent.


The Lynn Woods only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

The real life Lynn Woods Reservation (founded 1881) is a 2,200-acre (8.9 km2) municipal forest park located in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, located in the same general vicinity as it appears in the game. There is a tower at the highest point there, just as in the game, called simply Stone Tower, and was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as a fire observation tower.


  • ps4Icon ps4 When the Sole Survivor is on the top of the tower, one of the deathclaws may respawn itself on to the top of the tower.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc Occasionally, only one deathclaw may arrive.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc The settler corpse can sometimes not contain the key to the chest. This seems to occur if you leave the area or reload a save after you first load the cell. Reloading to a point before the area was first entered can cause the key to spawn properly. [verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If the settler's corpse is not looted the first time entering the area it will despawn when the area resets, which is quite common if you visit Parsons Creamery for the quest Special Delivery. [verified]


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