Lucky 38 control room

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The Lucky 38 control room is a room deep inside the Lucky 38.


The room consists of a single catwalk with a vast abyss below. The player enters from an elevator, which can be taken back to the Lucky 38 penthouse. A terminal and a chamber are at the far end of the catwalk. The chamber contains the preserved body of Mr. House. The terminal controls the chamber.

The player can use the terminal to open the chamber, exposing Mr. House, then speak to him directly. He calls the player a fool for destroying all his plans. The player can then kill him directly, put him back in the chamber and then sterilize the chamber, or put him back in the chamber and leave him there. Mr. House tells the player that even if he is put back, he will die within a year from bacterial contamination.


  • If you kill Mr. House directly and leave him there, after a while he will disappear, taking the chamber which he is preserved in with him. This also makes the terminal useless.
  • The terminal that controls the chamber does not require a password.
  • If you kill Mr. House with an energy weapon, his chamber will disintegrate along with him.


The Lucky 38 control room only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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