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The Lucky 38 cocktail lounge is a location inside the Lucky 38 casino.


The cocktail lounge is a circular lounge with a bar, apparently near the top of the Lucky 38's tower, just under the Lucky 38 penthouse. The lounge contains one of the eleven collectible snow globes and some miscellaneous loot. The windows provide a limited view of the Mojave Wasteland.

Notable loot


  • The slot machines here are not usable.
  • Despite being advertised as revolving on the sign outside, the lounge does not actually revolve, though this is probably due to post-war decay.
  • The cocktail lounge is in the same worldspace as the penthouse, so all the non-player characters that are in the penthouse will show up on the compass as friendlies.
  • As with the Lucky 38 penthouse, companions are not allowed into the cocktail lounge. If you travel to the cocktail lounge, your companions remain behind on the floor you left them in "wait here" mode. You must return to them and select "follow me" from the Companion wheel to get them to follow you again.
  • The suitcase with the explosives, the detonator, the silenced .22 pistol and the pre-war money suggest someone was trying to blow up the casino and actually got paid for it, but the bombs fell before that.


Lucky 38 cocktail lounge only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


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