Lucky 38 basement

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The Lucky 38 basement is the basement in the Lucky 38 Casino. Here, Mr. House (or Yes Man if the player chooses to take over New Vegas) shows the Courier the abilities of the upgraded Securitrons.


The basement looks like a large gun-practice range. The Courier stands behind a barrier on a viewing platform while two Securitrons stand below in a small firing range. There are no entrances or exits accessible by the player, and the area can only be visited once during a mission.

Notable loot


  • The terminal that can be seen across the room that can't be accessed simply has a status message for the Lucky 38's main reactor. At the time of watching the Securitron's demonstration, it was stated that the reactor was offline.
  • If the energy barrier/wall is hit with a power fist, bloodspatters will come off.
  • The special power of the sonic emitter does not affect the energy barrier/wall.


The Lucky 38 basement only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


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