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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lucky Harith.

Topics Edit

CCAboutCaravans Tell me about your trade caravan. Happy 25 See, the world's a dangerous and unbalanced place. So I realized, the only way to bring peace was to make sure that everyone could be dangerous! 1
Happy 25 So, with a little bit of help from the mayor of Canterbury Commons, I set up this caravan. I can't give the weapons away for free, but I come close! 2
CCTrade I'm here to buy. Happy 25 It's my pleasure to offer hot death in a variety of exciting flavors - take your pick! 3
I'm here to buy. Happy 25 Please, enjoy my selection of high-quality problem-solvers! 4
CCTradeRepair Can you repair something for me? Happy 50 Easy. I've got a knack for this sort of thing, you know! 5
Can you repair something for me? Happy 50 I'll see if I can't take a whack at it. 6
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Ah, a fellow student on the path of the Wasteland! Welcome to my humble caravan. Please relax, for we are in a place of safety! 7
Happy 75 The type of safety that can only be ensured by an abundance of weaponry, both wicked and awesome. All of which, can be yours, for the right price! {emphasis on "wicked" and "awesome"} 8
GREETING Happy 25 I hear you're my mysterious investor! With your help, I've collected quite a few toys for myself. But what good are toys if they aren't played with? 9
Happy 50 Thanks to you I have so many, I could hardly play with them all. So, I present to you a prize of the collection, a micro-nuke. Enjoy it in safety! 10
GREETING Happy 25 A wanderer without a weapon doesn't last long out there. Pick up the best now, while you still can! 11
GREETING Happy 50 Here to shop? Have a look! 12

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Keep your skills sharp and your eyes peeled, alright? 13
I have to go now. Happy 50 Until we meet again, keep yourself alive out there! 14
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Here to pick up a few of my marvelous toys? 15
HELLO Happy 50 Fear not, for Lucky Harith is here to offer you protection for a price! 16
HELLO Happy 50 Looking to make a trade? 17
HELLO Happy 50 Searching for that special something? 18