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Gametitle-FO4Gametitle-FO4 AUT
Gametitle-FO4Gametitle-FO4 AUT

Lucas Hardi is a senior artist at Bethesda Softworks. He created character concept art for Fallout 4 and its add-on Automatron.

Employment historyEdit

?presentBethesda SoftworksSenior Artist


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2015Fallout 4Character Art
2016AutomatronCharacter Art

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2003Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of AtlantisCharacter Art
2008Warhammer Online: Age of ReckoningArtist
2011The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimAdditional Character Art
2011Dragon Age IIAdditional Art and Animation


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