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The love machine theme is one of the possible themes for the player character's residence in Fallout 3.

Megaton houseEdit

Love Machine theme lamp

Love Machine theme lamp

LM theme bed

Love Machine theme bed

LM theme above

They are actually 2 women...

After buying this theme for your house, your house will have a heart-shaped bed downstairs and an erotic ceiling lamp (which is identical to the one hanging from the ceiling in Dukov's Place). These items will be added in your house:

Tenpenny Tower suiteEdit

As in all themes, the list of items is different if your home is in Tenpenny Tower.

Love machine Tenpenny


In the Pip-Boy's Items' Misc section, you will see the theme as an unremovable item. On the PC, you can remove it by typing player.removeitem c7af0 1 in the console.


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