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Love letters from Burke are a series of paper notes in Fallout 3. They are sent by Mister Burke to female player characters if they choose to resolve The Power of the Atom by using the Black Widow perk.


Incorrect spelling is as given in the game.

Love letter from Burke (#1)Edit


I must beg your indulgence a little while longer. I am not yet able to send for you. Stay in Megaton. Once my business has concluded, I will send for you, and we will live happily as man and woman.

The memory of your beauty and sweet aroma lingers in my memory...
Have patience my love.
Soon. Soon we shall be together once again!

Your's very truly,

Love letter from Burke (#2)Edit


The pain of your absence is at times crippling. But I must persevere. I must! It is very important work I am doing for mankind.

Oh, but I wish I could sweep it all away to be with you now!
Be patient love. I will send for you soon
Your's very truly,


Love letter from Burke (#3)Edit


The pain of our separation is unbearable. I miss you terribly.

I cherish the memory of our brief time together.
Send me a letter, won't you? Send it to Tenpenny Tower. They'll be sure to get it to me.
Oh, be patient a little while longer, my little song bird. Soon we will be free of our cages, and our love will soar to the heavens above!

Your's very truly,

Love letter from Burke (#4)Edit


I can not live like this. Wanting you. NEEDING you! But unable to have you.
I'm afraid I must insist we cease this charade.

I beg your forgiveness. I'm sorry to have made you wait in that hell-hole for so long. Waiting for the summons to my side that never came.
Fly free my little love bird. Fly up and out of that filth.
I wish that I could have you, and the thought of another man getting to have you, breaks my heart.

But I'd rather you were set free, than waiting eternally for me. I'm growing tired of this burden of mine. This toiling away for humanity, building a new world for mankind. I'm not even sure they will appreciate all the efforts I am making for them. But it is a burden I shall continue to carry, because someone must. And I am a man of responsibility,
Good luck my love-bird. Fly free and be happy!
Your's truly,


You can receive the notes from Moriarty at Moriarty's Saloon if you wait a few days between each delivery.

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