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Long Time Coming is a companion quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Companion Quest: Long Time Coming
Gain Nick Valentine's approval.
Talk to Nick and accept the quest. He will then give you Eddie Winter Case Notes, Eddie Winter Holotape 1 and the Welcome home! holotape.
Find the remaining 9 Eddie Winter Holotapes.
Talk to Nick.
Travel to Eddie's Hideout which is in Andrew Station.
Open the door to Eddie's hideout.
Kill Eddie.
Wait for Nick to finish his conversation and help him kill Eddie.
Let Nick kill Eddie.
Follow Nick outside and listen to his words.
Reward: 450 XP
Eddie's Peace gun
Close to Metal perk

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Nick Valentine is still disturbed by "Nick's" Memories, and tells of an old gangster named Eddie Winter, who used to be one of the largest crime bosses in Boston. Eddie Winter had planned to live forever and as such, invested into a radiation experiment that turned him into a ghoul and due to this, he hid in a bunker under a Subway Shop he used as a hideout Pre-War. It is possible Eddie might have been the first ghoul in existence.

Upon accepting the quest Nick Valentine gives 1 of the 10 holotapes the Sole Survivor needs to get a code to unlock Eddie Winter's Bunker. The remaining nine are in the various police stations in Boston; having them unlocked before reaching the required affinity of Nick Valentine can save time.

List of holotapes and their locations:

Talk to Nick and give him all holotapes. Then follow him to Andrew station. Enter the subway and follow Nick all the way to Eddie's bunker.

After you unlock the bunker, the Sole Survivor can kill Eddie, help Nick kill Eddie or let Nick kill Eddie on his own. After Eddie is killed, the Sole Survivor can loot Eddie's unique gun Eddie's Peace. Follow Nick out of facility, then talk to him to end the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Collect Eddie Winter holotapes
190 DEBUG - Give player all tapes, teleport him and Nick to Andrew station
200 Talk to Nick
210 Travel to Eddie's Hideout
220 Access Eddie Winter's Bunker
230 Confront Eddie Winter
250 Follow Nick
270 Speak with Nick
500Quest finishedIcon checkQuest failed
600Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • The quest is offered once your affinity level with Nick Valentine reaches 750, and you have completed the quest Dangerous Minds.
  • You can collect the holotapes (except 1) before getting the quest and they're classified as quest objects even though you haven't officially started it.
  • Once you get to the part where you have to talk to Nick, after you've collected all the tapes, Nick will temporarily be removed as your companion. While removed, you will not have any access to anything in Nick's inventory, nor will you be able to get Nick out of any power armor he's wearing (you can strip him of the power armor items but you can't get him out of the frame). If you need anything from him, take it before you do this part of the quest.
  • It is possible to solve the code to Eddie's bunker by listening through the tapes yourself. With the subtitles on, each number in the code is rendered as a digit instead of text (e.g. 1 instead of "one"). This is merely for show, however, and will not allow you to enter the bunker early.
  • Nick particularly loves if the player lets him kill Eddie Winter without any interference.
  • You can also enter Winter's bunker though Joe's Spuckies sub shop, through the trap door behind the counter that leads to Southie Speakeasy. A master-level in lock picking is required to travel this route, and there will be a few raiders encountered immediately on the other side of the door.
  • [platforms tag needed] Holotape #4 may be missing from Natick Police evidence locker, preventing quest progression and completion. It can be found in the garden at Abernathy farm. [verification needed]
  • Sometimes Nick will stop moving during the final 'Follow Nick' objective, sitting down and waiting for an hour will allow completion of the quest.
  • Several companions, including Piper, will have unique dialogue with Nick at the end of the quest when you approach Jennifer Lands grave site.
  • If Nick doesn't do anything during the "Follow Nick" stage, the console command setstage 000229fe 270 will progress it.
  • There are two holes in the asphalt in the place where Jennifer was killed, presumably left by stray bullets during the murder.


pcIcon pc If you already cleared Andrew Station before getting to that part of the quest; Nick can get stuck standing at the begining of the instance and later, during the dialogue with Eddie, fail to say his lines to Eddie - leaving the conversation stuck with the player in dialogue with Eddie but no lines being spoken. To fix this situation; first teleport Nick to the bunker door with 2f25.moveto player then when the dialogue freezes, turn the camera until you break out of exclusive mode, go to Eddie's bed and rest an hour. Nick should then enter the room and progress the conversation as intended.[verification needed]

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