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For an overview of dynamite in all games, see dynamite.

Long-fuse dynamite appears as a thrown explosive in Fallout: New Vegas.


Long-fuse dynamite is just like normal dynamite but, as the name suggests, has a longer fuse, which lasts for 6 seconds. Unlike powder charges, dynamite explodes when you shoot it, either in the hand of an enemy or on the ground when it is dropped. If you'd rather not wait for six seconds, use V.A.T.S. to deliver the throw. Your target tends to wait patiently for the dynamite to explode.



  • A long-fuse dynamite can be found behind Jean Sky Diving wedged into the cliff
  • Numerous Powder Gangers will sometimes have long-fuse dynamite in their inventory
  • Often found in explosives crates.
  • They are randomly sold from stores.
  • Powder Ganger camps near the NCRCF.


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