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Your cerebral cortex has been enhanced with the Logic Co-Processor, increasing your Intelligence by 1.

— In-game description

Intelligence Implant is a Fallout: New Vegas implant perk.


This implant can be bought from Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas medical clinic and increases the player character's Intelligence by one. The bonus from this implant will increase the number of skill points that are gained per level. (Note that in New Vegas the additional Intelligence point grants an additional skill point only every other level, so you may not see an extra skill point the next time you level up.)


If your Intelligence is less than 4, Doctor Usanagi will take pity on you and offer a discount of 1000 caps on this implant.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 If you are offered the low-Intelligence discount but do not purchase the implant and then leave the hospital, when you return and speak to Usanagi next time she will no longer offer this implant - discounted or otherwise.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc The option "to be smarter" will also be missing from the dialog if you use alcohol, chems or the player.modav console command to temporarily drop your INT below 4. Once the effects wears off, the intelligence implant will be for sale again. Player.setav intelligence 3 corrects this. [verified]

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