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A loading screen is a page that appears on the screen when loading the game, fast traveling and entering new areas. It shows general information and hints.


The loading screens in Fallout are average loading screens, only showing a still image while it passes.

Fallout 2Edit

Like Fallout, Fallout 2's loading screens revolve around still images while the game loads. Images include a Vault Boy in a ganster outfit holding a machine gun and a tribal wearing a broken T-51b power armor helmet.

Fallout TacticsEdit

These slides are briefly appearing at random while a savegame is loaded.

Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelEdit

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Fallout 3Edit

In Fallout 3, the loading screens show snippets of the general information that is found in the stats section under the general tab on your Pip-Boy 3000, along with information regarding the various perks, creatures, factions, people and locations of the game. The backgrounds, like the game introduction sequence, are supposed to look like old projector slides. They show various articles and advertisements, most of which can be found as posters in the game, along with slides from the G.O.A.T. examination. A minimalistic clock face shows loading time, as opposed to loading progress. It also displays helpful game hints.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

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Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

In Fallout: New Vegas, the new loading screens feature media from the Mojave Wasteland setting, such as ads related to the casinos of New Vegas, NCR propaganda posters, and posters for the voting blocs from Vault 11. The loading icon is a roulette wheel instead of a clock or vault door. The three lines radiating out from the roulette wheel are from the insignia of Vault-Tec Industries, similar to those seen in Fallout and Fallout 2 load/save screens. Amongst the pre-war advertisements on the loading screens is a poster for Dean Domino, a pre-war lounge singer who appears in the Dead Money add-on. They give many gameplay hints.

There is a bug where the screen does the animation and pans the slides, but does not load even when given over 30 minutes. Clean the disc and then make sure the game is installed, if it does not resolve itself, load your earliest save and then load the desired one.


Loading screens appear in all Fallout games.

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