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For item that provides a lot amount of healing, see heavy healing.
For item that provides some amount of healing, see medium healing.
Barter for this option if you want light healing.— In-game description

Light healing is a miscellaneous item in Fallout.


A kit containing the medicine and tools required to fix minor wounds.


  • It only appears when interacting with Doctor Razlo.


When saying that the Vault Dweller needs to be healed (very low amount of Hit Points), then saying that they don't have the money needed, it will enable the option to trade with Razlo for the item. Pressing done will remove the item and Razlo will heal the wounds.

  • Even if it is traded back, the item will disappear from Razlo's inventory. Same happens with medium and heavy healing.


If using this glitch to get the light healing item (see here), when dropped, it will be in the form of a red rectangle with a floating question mark. [verified]