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Unless you're blind as a bat, I'm sure that you've noticed that we've been building a gantry on the tarmac. Maxson and Kells have been looking for something that'll tip the balance when we go toe to toe with the Institute. Now the Prydwen might be a big beast, but she's not built for fighting. That's where our new project comes in.

— Ingram

Liberty Reprimed is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel main quest: Liberty Reprimed
Speak to Proctor Ingram.
Follow Proctor Ingram.
Speak to Professor Scara.
Search for Professor Scara OR Speak to Doctor Li.
Speak to Proctor Ingram.
Locate a high-powered magnet.
Construct electromagnetic actuators (4).
Speak to Proctor Ingram.
Speak to Scribe Haylen.
Locate the bomb storage facility.
Locate the Mark 28 stockpile.
Activate the distress pulser.
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Return to Proctor Ingram.
Activate Liberty Prime.
Speak to Proctor Ingram.
Reward: 600 XP
T-60 medic pump
Leads to: A Loose End
Blind Betrayal

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After the successful completion of both From Within and Outside the Wire, you will be told by Elder Maxson to speak to Ingram at Boston Airport to work on a secret project. Meet Ingram at the airport and she will lead you to a sealed area of the depot where the remains of Liberty Prime are stored - the Brotherhood war machine that was destroyed by the Enclave ten years ago. She mentions the difficulty the Brotherhood has getting it back on to its feet, and that they need the help of a scientist skilled in power systems.

Convince Dr Li to work on Liberty PrimeEdit

If you have successfully completed From Within for Elder Maxson by convincing Madison Li to leave the Institute and work again for the Brotherhood, Ingram will let you know that she is reluctant to help on Liberty Prime, and ask you to convince her.

Return to the Prydwen and talk to Li. She will make it clear that she does not wish to work on Prime and "make the same mistake twice". Despite her reservations, all speech paths ultimately lead to her helping. Return to Ingram to continue the mission.

Find Professor ScaraEdit

If you haven't been able to recruit Li for the Brotherhood by becoming enemies with the Institute before the quest, Ingram will tell you about a scientist proficient in robotics by the name of Scara, who resides in Diamond City, and ask you to convince her to work for the Brotherhood. She will give you a piece of technology to help you convince Scara.

Head for the Science! Center in Diamond City, where Scara resides. However, you will only encounter Duff, her partner. By looking at Scara's terminal (Hacker perk level 3 required) or by talking to Duff about it, you will discover that Scara headed for the General Atomics Galleria.

Head for the Galleria, a place inhabited by non-hostile Mister Handies and Mister Gutsies. Scara is found in the Back Alley Bowling. However, you will not be allowed access to the bowling alley without turning the robots hostile if you don't trigger the Grand Re-Opening.

To trigger the re-opening, go up the Director's office. When you go up to the Director's office you will have several options to interact with him, they will all end in the Director demanding that you identify yourself.

Several options involve passing speech checks. It is also possible to acquire a General Atomics ID card from the General Atomics factory which will allow you to identify yourself without a speech check. If you succeed any of the speech checks or present the ID, you can reopen the galleria and get the grand prize for the reopening raffle. If you do attempt a speech check (difficulty not dependent on Charisma), and fail, the Director will become hostile along with all the other robots at the facility.

Alternatively, if 'The Director' has been destroyed you can use a password saved in the supervisor's terminal to access the computer in the Director's office, however the terminal's functions are disabled as long as 'The Director' is still functional. The terminal will provide you with the options to start the Grand Reopening, Shutdown all robots or initiate a self-destruct sequence in all of the robots. Updating the Director's computer's firmware (re-opening the galleria) will immediately end the hostility of all the remaining Mr. Handies.

Once the re-opening has been triggered, return to the Back Alley Bowling. The Mister Handy at the counter will let you know that you are allowed to visit the area. In the back alley, you will find Scara. To convince her to work for the Brotherhood, you will need to either give her Ingram's piece of technology, or pass one of three easy speech checks. Once Scara is hired, return to Ingram.

Construct electromagnetic actuatorsEdit

Once you return to the airport, Li/Scara will tell you that in order to fix Prime's arms and legs you will need to make electromagnetic actuators. For that, you will need to find high-powered magnets. They are a relatively rare item, but may be found in a few areas or bought from certain traders. Your quest log will point you towards a building (usually the Milton General Hospital) to find the magnets required for the work. Building the four actuators requires:

To help you gather the materials, Ingram will tell you to search around the airport depot for scrap materials. Once you have found all required materials, go to the airport workbench and craft the four actuators by placing them on the ground. Return to Ingram once the actuators are ready.

Find the nukes for Liberty PrimeEdit

Ingram will tell you that Prime is still missing one of its key components: nukes to use in combat. She will inform you that Proctor Quinlan found information about a pre-War bomb storage facility located somewhere within the Glowing Sea, which holds a storage of suitable Mark 28 nukes. Make preparations for your next assignment, then head for the northern part of the Glowing Sea, at Waypoint Echo, where you will meet Scribe Haylen. She will give you a Distress pulser to use once you have found the nukes.

Head for the south-eastern Glowing Sea where you will find the Sentinel site, which holds the nukes. The area is inhabited by a large population of feral ghouls, so be prepared to fight. To access the main area, you will need to use the Sentinel site blast door override holotape or use one of the terminals to cancel the launch order and access the facility. Head for the tunnels, where you will meet a large number of ghouls. At the end of the tunnel, you will see the blast door to the stockpile area. This area is guarded by Brother Henri of the Church of the Children of Atom, who will ask you the reason of your presence, stating that the area is "Atom's hallowed ground". You will need to pass a medium-difficulty speech check to convince him to give you the password to the computer than unlocks access to the nukes. If you have Far Harbor installed and have joined the Children of Atom, you can pass an easy speech check saying you are a Child of Atom from the church in the north. Otherwise, you will have to eliminate him. Henri himself isn't that much of a threat, but he is accompanied by an assaultron named Atom's Wrath that will attack the player along with Henri. Loot Henri's body of the password, then use the terminal to unlock the storage area, where you need to use the pulser. If Danse is your current companion, he will tell you that he will stay behind to ensure the nukes reach the airport safely. If Danse is not your current companion, then his affinity drops to zero.

Return to Ingram to inform her of your mission's success.

Activate Liberty PrimeEdit

After a short discussion with Ingram and Scara/Li, you will be allowed to push the button to finally power up Liberty Prime. After doing so, talk with Ingram and the mission completes. Ingram will give a medical pump module for a T-60 armor. She will then tell you that Maxson would like to speak with you, which starts the next quest, Blind Betrayal.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Talk to Proctor IngramI've been informed that Proctor Ingram has a special project that requires my immediate assistance.
20 Follow Proctor Ingram
30 Speak to Proctor IngramI've discovered that Proctor Ingram's special project is the reconstruction of Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood of Steel's massive war machine. It looks like it needs a lot of work to get up and running.
40 Locate Professor ScaraIn order to get Liberty Prime's power systems stabilized, Proctor Ingram has tasked me with finding a robotics expert in Diamond City named Professor Scara and asking for her assistance.
60 Talk to Professor Scara
70 Speak to Doctor LiIn order to get Liberty Prime's power systems stabilized, Proctor Ingram has asked me to speak to Doctor Li on the Prydwen. Apparently, the thought of working on the huge robot has given her second thoughts.
I was able to convince Doctor Li to work on Liberty Prime without incident. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.
In order for her to agree to work on Liberty Prime, I was forced to threaten Doctor Li. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.
90 Speak to Proctor Ingram
95 Find a High-powered magnetTo assist in the construction of Liberty Prime's limbs, I need to recover a High-Powered Magnet. One of the hospital ruins should have the part that I need.
100 Construct electromagnetic actuatorsUsing High-Powered Magnets, I need to build four Electromagnetic Actuators at the airport's workshop.
120 Speak to Proctor IngramI've successfully built four Electromagnetic Actuators. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.
140 Speak to Scribe HaylenProctor Ingram has ordered me to recover enough Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs to fully arm Liberty Prime. I'm supposed to meet Scribe Haylen at the edge of the Glowing Sea for further instructions.
160 Locate bomb storage facilityScribe Haylen has sent me into the Glowing Sea to find a stockpile of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs. She provided me with a Distress Pulser to signal her when the weapons have been located.
190 Speak to Paladin Danse
195 Speak to Proctor IngramI've located the stockpile of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs in Sentinel Site Prescott and signaled Scribe Haylen with the Distress Pulser. I should return to Proctor Ingram to inform her of my progress.
200 Activate Liberty PrimeWith Liberty Prime fully complete, all that remains is turning on his power switch for the first time.
210 Speak to Proctor Ingram
255Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete[LOG] Liberty Prime is back online.
355Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed


  • Curie likes it if you successfully convince Brother Henri to let you take the bombs.
  • Deacon will hate it if you activate Liberty Prime.
  • Danse will be hidden by the game upon the player's departure from the Sentinel Site; however, he will still technically be in the last position in which the player encountered him, just invisible. This means that any actions that would garner his approval (e.g. modding weapons) or disapproval (e.g. taking chems) taken in the vicinity will still alter his affinity.
  • It is advised you complete this quest before getting too deep into the Institute questline - more specifically, before advancing in the quest Mass Fusion. It is possible to start Mass Fusion but speaking with Allie Filmore renders you unable to progress any further in the Brotherhood questline until either Mass Fusion or Spoils of War is completed as Proctor Ingram will be locked to a dialogue tree related to those quests and you won't be able to turn in this quest to her.
    • Therefore this stalls the faction storylines at a point where the player must choose to have either the Institute or the Brotherhood become hostile. Naturally, siding with the Institute will block the mission Blind Betrayal and effectively remove Paladin Danse from the game as noted above.
    • Alternatively, if you started Mass Fusion but haven't yet completed Shadow of Steel, you can still go through the BoS missions and be able talk to Proctor Ingram for Liberty Reprimed.


  • ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Building electromagnetic actuators won't give credit towards 4/4 actuators built. Occasionally progress is rewarded but more often negative progress is observed (e.g. "-2/4 actuators built") Workaround discovered after several hours of testing- not an exact science, but I was able to finish this by repeatedly storing and then replacing a series of 21 actuators. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone Sometimes the section of gate that needs to disappear for Prime to march on the Institute remains in place after his activation, leaving him stuck in the airport courtyard aimlessly trying to find a way out. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone When you approach Madison Li, she may not say anything except "Whatever it is, it can wait". To fix this wait 20 seconds, and she will continue with her dialogue. [verified]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone After showing you Liberty Prime, Proctor Ingram might stay in Liberty Prime's room and refuse to speak to you again. [verification overdue]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 When you are told to go to Medford Memorial Hospital, the high-powered magnet won't spawn in the steamer trunk it's supposed to be in. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc Sometimes it isn't possible to speak to Proctor Ingram in the first stage of this quest and no quest mark appears after accepting the quest. Ingram will keep talking about non-quest dialog. Setting the quest's stage to 10/first stage may solve the problem. [verified]

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