Liam Binet (aka Patriot) is a scientist working for The Institute in 2281. Unbeknownst to him, Binet serves as the primary link between the operatives of the clandestine organization known as the Railroad and the synths they seek to free.


Without the knowledge of his colleagues, this young mind utilizes his position to shepherd gen-3 synth through weak points in the Institute, out to the surface, with hopes that someone will answer his message and escort these fugitives to safety, away from the wrath of coursers and synth reclamation squads. Liam eventually becomes aware of the fact that he is instrumental to the success of the Railroad in the Commonwealth.

In 2281, he, under the codename "Patriot," establishes communication with the outside world. An individual named Tinker Tom takes the responsibility of maintaining contact with the party on the other end of the line. Patriot was pressed into service as an informant on gen-3 synths being forwarded out of the Institute. He uses his position as a scientist to help androids escape into the surface through holes in the security of the organization.

Patriot has proven vital to the success of the Railroad's cause in the region, yet he has been kept in the dark about his allegiance to the organization in order to prevent his position from being compromised. For this reason, he will act surprised when the revelation comes around that he has been helping the Railroad free synths.

A pacifist by nature, he is opposed to violent methods, even if it is in the name of freeing synths. He is intolerant of armed conflicts and seeks no part of the upcoming synth rebellion against the Institute's directorate, backed by the Railroad. During the climax for the War of the Commonwealth, Binet, severely devastated by the fighting, takes his own life, a choice fueled by the hopelessness of the situation.

Following the armistice, the Railroad recover's Patriot's body and lays him to rest in the Old North Church.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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Other interactionsEdit

If engaged in conversation after siding with the Institute, he will enquire about the progress of the plan to free the thirteen synths, to which the Sole Survivor can say they aren't going forward with it.


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Institute jumper Institute pistol Fusion cell


  • A terminal in the medical area notes a "Binet, L" having suffered a wrist sprain. The patient refused to explain how it happened other than it being related to "using a terminal."
  • Liam will be banished from the Institute and never appear in the game again if you choose to report him to Doctor Ayo during the quest, Plugging a Leak.


Liam Binet appears only in Fallout 4.