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Gametitle-FNV GRA

The Li'l Devil is a weapon added with the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


A Swiss SIG-Sauer 14mm handgun that's been rechambered for 12.7mm ammunition, it was designed for long-range hunting or target shooting, and was imported to the United States from the European Commonwealth before the Great War.[1] Though fairly common early in the survivor era, the number of serviceable units has swiftly declined.


Li'l Devil is a unique variant of the 12.7mm pistol. It does greater damage, fires faster, has a greater chance of critical damage, has a lower AP cost and is more accurate. The barrel is also shorter, and has a black synthetic hand grip. Like most unique weapons, modifications cannot be applied.


Li'l Devil can fire a total of about 595 standard rounds, the equivalent of 85 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Standard, HP & JHP59585



Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon gunDamage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damageDamage per secondIcon dpsAttacks per secondIcon attackCritical Chance % multiplierIcon chanceCritical damageIcon critical damageAction Point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapWeapon spreadIcon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Assault carbine extended magazinesDurability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repairWeightIcon weightValue in capsIcon merchantValue to weight ratioIcon ratioSkill requiredIcon abilityStrength requiredIcon fist
12.7mm pistol 40
Li'l Devil Gametitle-FNV GRA45



Li'l Devil is only a level 1 holdout weapon.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Despite the fact that the weapon is a level 1 holdout weapon, you cannot sneak it into weapon free areas if your Sneak skill is above 50. [verified]