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Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth is a regional zone (Vault Dweller's Survival Guide zone 01 [1]) in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth comprises of the north and western most regions of the Commonwealth. Its north-eastern boundary largely follows the curve of the rail line, down to Bedford Station. Here, the boundary curves back out eastward to encompass Lexington.

From the southwest the boundary begins south of Lonely Chapel, largely following the route of the freeway to the east of Sunshine Tidings co-op, then runs almost horizontally through to Lexington, with several Gunner outposts sat along the boundary. Within Lexington itself boundary remains with the freeway, which sits north of the Corvega assembly plant.

The region itself is largely grassland, with several large bodies of water in the west of the region, the most notable of which being Walden Pond.

Primary locationsEdit


Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth appears only in the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide.


  1. Vault Dweller's Survival Guide: Table of contents page 3 and page 256

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