Legion recruit armor

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Legion recruit armor
Icon Legion recruit armor
Legion recruit armor
item HP180
effectsDisguise: Caesar's Legion
repairLegion recruit armor
base id000ee47c
Recruit helmet
item HP50
repairRecruit helmet
base id000ee485

The Legion recruit armor and the recruit helmet are a Legion armor set in Fallout: New Vegas.


Legion recruit armor is a common light armor, supplied to recruits and sometimes to decanus units. Like most Legion armor, it is made from repurposed sports equipment, consisting of a football player's protective shoulder and chest pads reinforced with additional leather padding and worn over a baseball catcher's vest. It weighs 12 pounds and has a Damage Threshold of 6, however it is easily broken, unlike most other armors. Legion recruits can often be seen following a decanus unit, patrolling the wasteland.


  • Two dead Recruit legionaries lie on the road between Nelson and Novac, which can be looted for their armor.
  • Can be looted from any dead Legion recruit. Also, at Legionary camps, they can be looted from the footlockers near their beds in the tents. (Karma loss, Legion infamy gained if witnessed by a Legionary.)
  • Can be obtained for free from a corpse in a house in Nipton or from an ash pile in the nearby trailer park. The corpse in the Nipton House is surrounded by several traps including frag mines, a rigged shotgun and a cage of bark scorpions which is activated either by picking the lock on the cage or by a pressure plate leading to one of the bedrooms.
  • The helmet is mostly found with the Legion recruit armor.


  • This armor is relatively expensive, allowing the Courier to quickly earn caps by repairing and selling them.
  • This armor is the most common of Legion armor.
  • With the Jury Rigging perk, this armor can be used to repair most other armor up to combat armor, making it extremely useful repair is needed.
  • Most, if not all, Legion headgear has a visually unappealing clipping issue at the eyebrows. If the Courier has the "survivalist" style of beard, it may also clip through the face mask.
  • Wearing the helmet does not count as faction armor.

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