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This is an overview article which contains background information and cross-game comparisons. For game-specific information and stats, see the articles linked on the right.
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FalloutLeather armor
Leather jacket
Fallout 2Leather armor
Leather armor Mk II
Leather jacket
Combat leather jacket
Fallout 3Leather armor
Wanderer's leather armor
Tunnel Snake outfit
Fallout: New VegasLeather armor
Leather armor, reinforced
Lightweight leather armor fnvcsGametitle-FNV CS
Gecko-backed leather armorfnvhhGametitle-FNV HH
Gecko-backed leather armor, reinforced fnvhhGametitle-FNV HH
Fallout TacticsLeather armor
Leather armor Mk II
Fallout: BoSLeather armor
Van BurenLeather outfit

A black, heavy leather jacket.

— Fallout in-game description

The leather armor and leather jacket are lightweight body armors made from tanned animal hide, offering protection from firearms and melee damage.

Note: that most raider armors are made from parts of leather and metal, and are covered in a separate article


One-sleeved leather jacketEdit

Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2

The hip leather jacket is a relic from the pre-War times. It has only one sleeve left and offers more style than protection.

Combat leather jacketEdit

Gameplay articles: Fallout 2, Van Buren

This heavily padded leather jacket is unusual in that it has two sleeves. You'll definitely make a fashion statement whenever, and wherever, you rumble.

Tunnel Snake leather jacketEdit

TS leather jacket front
Gameplay article: Fallout 3

A "Perfecto" style leather jacket with a snake emblem on the back, has two sleeves, worn on top of a Vault 101 jumpsuit, used by the Tunnel Snakes gang in Vault 101.

Motorcycle football armorEdit

Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2

This type of leather armor was originally designed for motorcycle football and other dangerous contact sports. It is likely that the simple construction techniques required to produce armor of this design made it a popular choice following a nuclear disaster. It provides moderate protection, and the light construction makes it easier to dodge attacks while worn. Unfortunately, it provides little to no protection against explosions or plasma attack.

Motorcycle football armor Mk IIEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout 2

A superior version of the motorcycle football armor design, finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.

One-sleeved leather armorEdit

Leather armor
Gameplay articles: Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

A full black leather armor with one sleeve and bits of different outfits, like motorcycle clothes and football shoes.

One-sleeved lightweight leather armorEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

A hand-modified suit of one-sleeved black leather armor for reduces its overall weight and increase its ability to protect with a more rugged black leather.

One-sleeved leather armor, reinforcedEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

A reinforced version of the one-sleeved black leather armor, equipped with brown leather protective and crafted with a tanned strong and robust black leather.

Midwestern Brotherhood leather armorEdit

Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
Gameplay article: Fallout Tactics

The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel designed their own version of the leather armor, as a standard issue for all human members of the organization. It is a finely crafted armor from tanned brahmin hide, some part colored in orange, and with rusted orange metal legs.

Midwestern Brotherhood leather armor Mk IIEdit

Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
Gameplay article: Fallout Tactics

A superior version of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel leather armor with a new design for the torso, more reinforced than the mark I version with more layer of orange tanned brahmin hide.

Gecko-backed leather armorEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

A one-sleeved leather armor with radiation, fire, and poison resistances.

Gecko-backed leather armor, reinforcedEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

A reinforced one-sleeved leather armor with radiation, fire, and poison resistances

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